Sunday, 13 June 2010

Millennium Way Relay 2010

Blogging en route, the Bingley boys M and Lewis are looking strong in second, just seconds behind Keighley. Eek! M is looking calm and controlled and Lewis the 17 year old has such great hair! The excitement is killing me... The P & B boys are chasing in 3rd at half way...

Later... The boys did good. In fact they did very good. After racing uphill and down dale against some of the best local bloke runners in the area they finally came in a close third, within a whisker of Keighley and in touching distance of fell supremo team P & B. After a hair raising leg 4 the fine Bingley pair handed over to our boys on leg 5, all within a minute or two of the leaders, P & B.

Andy B and Steve B ran a stormer despite recent injury woes to pull up over a minute, passing Keighley early on to come 2nd overall by a mere 40 seconds. It seems crazy that a 48 mile race could finish with such a close race in the end. So, feet up and footy on for M, until next weekend of course. I'm quite enjoying this team support business, though I'm not sure it's any less stressful. Oh, I also managed to squeeze in a steady 15 miles after all the drama. I got soaked and my legs were leaden. But I'm back and settled  in for the night with a belly full of dinner.


Hayfella said...

Only someone who runs at your speed can 'squeeze in' 15 miles. That's a good chunk out of my day! Great to hear you're back and enjoying it all. At the risk of sounding like a miserable git, take care not to overdo it!

kate said...

wow, that's some exciting racing. well done the guys! good support too ;) i think that supporting is often more stressful, too much time waiting, with too many things to worry about!

looking forward to hearing about next weekend, is that your track race?

Runningbear said...

Thanks Hayfella, good to hear from you, missin' your smiley posts... I promise to be good ;)

Thanks Kate, race is Tues :{

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