Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A PB !

Just reporting in on what was my first track race last night. I say first track race but it isn't the first ever. I was a handy middle distance runner as a schoolgirl but the last time I raced in circles on a track was over 23 years ago at the age of 14. You might say I was a tad nervous as we journeyed over to Stretford stadium, the home of Trafford AC for one of their fortnightly Grand Prix Open Series events. 

It was my first ever 3k race and I was dead nervous. It seems a bit silly now as it was never intended to be more than a speed session, especially after a weekend of heavy training. But the prospect of such a short race sent my achey calves all a quiver and I just can't seem to enter any race lightly; I'm just one of those annoyingly competitive types... 

M was chauffeur, photographer, bag carrier and hand holder and endured the long drive over once we'd managed to skip off work early for the 6.30pm race seeding. The whole thing was a bit of blur and after a hurried warm up and a few strides in my lovely spikes I was soon on the start line. It was frightening and eek-inducing but awesome and exciting stuff all at the same time. The pacing plan was a whole new world and saw me setting out at 77"/400m pace with a plan to build a steady rhythm through 7.5 laps of even splits; working to a time as near as possible to 10 minutes. 

I ran well through the first 4 laps but fatigue from the Sunday long run soon caught up and by lap 5 I was flagging. I lost a couple of seconds in the later stages though just managed to pull back the pace on lap 7 to finish strong to take second lady out of 5 with a time of 10'11". Not too bad a restart to my track racing career, especially on these old lady legs. I've now a great target to beat in the coming weeks, with just a few more speed sessions in these legs and I might even manage a sub 10!

Post warm-down and we were both nicely ensconced track-side with a tray of chips from the fab food kiosk and bearing witness to some awesome track talent. Later races included the likes of Lisa Dobriskey and Laura Kenney pictured in a blurry fashion above in the 1500m BMC race, (they were running far too fast). The evening race programme was brimming with track elites and what an awesome sight they were; great motivational fuel to draw on during those tough interval sessions ahead. Results here.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Holy cow are you flipping fast! I do already know this about you but everytime I see your PBs it amazes me:) Congrats on an awesome track race!

BTW, I just happen to love Robert Frost:) Have a great day RB!

Hayfella said...

Hi RB. You never cease to amaze! Well done. Are chips a well-known post-race fuel?

kate said...

3km! that's not a race ;)
well done speedy!

Runningbear said...

It all seems a bit 'wrong' I know; a great change though and the chips make it all worthwhile ;)

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