Saturday, 12 June 2010

Feels Like Flying

This week has been a proper week. No excuses, no more holidays, this is it. I'm back to it and have actually managed two great quality sessions this week. After the longer efforts on the canal on Tuesday, this morning was a return to some fast stuff and it felt great. So, this morning was a trip to Carnegie to meet the great and good coach Scobie as he tirelessly held his stopwatch, raised the odd eyebrow and shouted encouragement as I completed a full set of 400s. It was brill.

I'm now fully adjusted to my track spikes and can feel the massive difference to my running form and my split times. It's been quite some time since I've put in speedwork sessions at the track and each week the splits are getting faster and I'm feeling more motivated. Today the splits were better than ever with strong winds on the first bend and no company to chase. The iron tablets must be doing their thing. So, a satisfying session it was and a great lead in to my first track race on Tuesday. 

Inviting a coach into my running life was a big step but one I don't regret. I can't  easily explain how good it is to share the simple joys of running with someone who really knows what it means.  In any case it's working, my running fire is blazing and I'm ready to rocket round my first 3k. Bring it on.


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