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As the days go by and the training starts to take shape I'm increasingly returning to my old self; that training buzz is returning. After watching M run a fine race on Sat I was inspired to return for the ladies record next year. I set it myself whilst adding half a mile to the course following a wrong turn at the finish. It's been on my mind...

Sunday was a steady 15; my first longish run in weeks that hasn't ended in near collapse. So signs are good that my health is back on track and the Runningbear warrior strength is returning. Time to plan some races.

Last night saw a return to canal towpath training; a medium run of 10 miles interspersed with some efforts; 5 x 3mins to be exact. I was tired but in that satisfying, working hard kind of way that leaves you with a residual buzz and ready for the next session.

I'm being good, avoiding leaps in mileage for now and just trying to regain some strength and confidence. First test is my first track race next Tuesday, a 3k at Trafford track. I'm excited and scared all at once. A track race, moi?!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I have every confidence that you will be able to get the women's record next year! I also know that you are going to kick butt at your upcoming 3K track race:) Good luck!

  2. I think you've learnt the valuable lesson of holding back in training/racing and saving some for the next session or race - this won't feel right though. A true obsessive will be wanting to give 100 percent every session and empty the tank. Relaxation for a runner with these tendencies is hard training followed by hard racing and then winning. I think you are doing things right with a steady increase in mileage and limiting the races until you are raring to go again. Good luck.

    Well done to Marc on Saturday too.

  3. I'm glad you're getting back in the groove!

  4. great news! but track least you can't get lost on this one ;)

  5. Thanks all for supportive comments, mojo is returning...


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