Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rothwell Roundup

Not much change here for old Runningbear as yet but a week of resting up, perpetual  eating and plenty of navel gazing has given rise to a bit more of an appetite for running again, if only to make the most of the fresh spring sunshine and shaking the office out of my head. The May Day bank holiday brought its own excitement though, as M prepared for another 10k race effort and another PB prospect whilst the running is going so good.

Rothwell 10k has been regarded as a superfast 'assisted' course with its net downhill and crazy-fast first half where most entrants set a 5k PB en route.  A new course this year certainly put paid to that with a lollipop route taking in some moderate  but taxing undulations along the way.

There seemed to be fewer local faces out this year; the competition of a busy  May racing calendar perhaps but I still managed to spot a few stars, including Spen boys Anthony B and Kevin O, who were both looking pretty sharp coming into the finish.

The bank holiday started with brilliant blue skies and a fresh breeze making for near perfect conditions. I accompanied M acting as team support, cake/general fuel manager as well as photo snapper. (I'm not so great at the fuel management when left sole officer in charge of tasty treats).

The race led off after a few mins delay with a fast and furious first mile that some runners I'm sure came to regret. I spent the next 30 mins fumbling pointing the camera at  random things and a few fluffy clouds, distracting myself from the rather nippy breeze.

Sure enough 27 mins later the leading fella flies past at the 9k point with a 3 minute lead and not long after M appears. He was driving through strong and focused and looking like the winner. He was a lean and mean machine. The strength and fitness shone through as M ran a fantastic PB of 35.31, slicing a healthy 27 seconds off his recent Salford time and taking a V40 scalp or two before the finish. A really marvellous run in tough windy conditions and an inspiration to me to get my a** in gear sometime soon. Well done M, again.


Antony Bradford said...

Thanks for the mention RB. I agree, I think my first mile in 5-10 was a touch too fast. I blame watching the leaders at the London Marathon and trying to copy their mile splits, even that was too slow.

Well done to M on setting a PB, on which was a much harder course than the downhill one.

Hope you get back soon.

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Congrats to M for snagging another PB:) He is doing just as fantastic as you are!! You did a wonderful job of taking pictures:) I enjoyed watching your little slide show. I loved the pictures of the runners in their colorful running clothes and the country side! Enjoy the rest of your week RB!

kate said...

good work M!

be careful with the navel gazing rb. i should know, you mainly just find fluff ;) hope your running mojo is returning

T.C. said...

Beautiful pictures and congrats to M on such a good time!

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