Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wrestling Recovery

18.04pm: Am sat here on the train platform waiting for delayed trains, trying to get home after another long day. Though it's a bit of a pain there's some warm evening sunshine and I've an unexpected blogging window... I've been avoiding blogging this last day or two.

Though I'm keen to keep it real as I mutter on about my running adventures, I'm also mindful of the dangers of sounding like a moanywingebag and the need to avoid harping on about my 'troubles' when I'm lucky to have a fully functioning pair of legs and a beating heart in my chest...

However, Runningbear is going through  slightly troubled training times. It seems a bit dishonest to pretend otherwise. After shaking off the lurgy to race in Edinburgh last week I've spent the last week trying to recover and also make sense of the strange empty legs thing on race day. Thursday then brought the start of more lurgy; another sore throat and I'm again filled with a second bout of the stuff! What's going on?!

I've bided my time until Sunday to run anything near a proper session. My last possible chance of a long run; I attempted a 20 at a fairly moderate pace. I was dead by mile 10.

I'm a bit stuck with what to do next and can only assume illness and hard training have combined to bring  this body near complete depletion. I'm properly running on empty!

I'm now taking stock and thinking of my recovery, training and even the racing plan. A May marathon is also under review. A difficult decision to ponder and it feels more like a wrestle right now.

Though I've done lots of work so far to build a good marathon foundation I'm most of all keen to get healthy and feel good whilst running and racing again.  So a week to review, wrestle with  my thoughts whilst I recover and recharge. That's THE NEW PLAN.


John Broom said...

Hi Sarah

Your symptoms describe how I've been feeling over the last 6 months. I was in decent shape before the Abingdon Marathon last October and hoping to run sub 2:40. 3 weeks out I got swine flu and although well enough to keep running in the week before the marathon I faded feeling weak and ended with a 2:49. Since then I've felt constantly heavy or empty legged, lacking in enthusiasm for running and generally mentally and physically fatigued.

Perhaps running the Spitfire 20, Wilmslow HM and Edinburgh HM in quick succession have drained you somewhat? You're right to listen to your body and can really just take things day to day so you don't do anything to jeopardise that training you've put in. I'm sure it will get put to good use somewhere.

ultra collie said... may be an idea to boost your system while you put it through a bout of hard training if you dont already. im thinking a probiotic eg actimel and may a berocca too daily..wont harm but probably will help
plus also..sorry to preach from a lowly position to your elite one..but a tad more rest and recovery maybe?
hope you pick up soon

Hayfella said...

Hi RB. You're feeling rotten just now, but just think what you've been through - loads of hard training, tough races, changing jobs... Physical, mental and emotional stressors all. I'm willing to bet that a week or two off, with as much chilling out and pampering as you can get, will get you over your lurgy and reawaken your love of running once again. I hope this helps and doesn't sound like preaching. We're all wishing you well.

Antony Bradford said...

Sorry to hear about your woes RB.

All you can do is take it easy until your body recovers and the enthusiasm returns. Overdoing it is something that most runners do from time to time(including me, several times). The body is not always good at letting us know when we have overdone it - until it has gone too far. It can be a gradual thing over weeks and months and not always noticeable at the time. Trying to think about all the hard sessions and races you have put in should help stop you worrying about losing fitness.

All the best for a speedy recovery.

zbsports said...

hey. just stumbled ur blog from somewhere. anyway, did you join the recent london marathon? it's a bit mental :)

kate said...

as the others have said, you've been pushing really hard these past months and had other life stuff to deal with too. don't make any rash decisions. you've put all the foundations for an excellent marathon. i'm sure a bit of an 'extreme taper' wouldn't do a may race any harm. hope you're feeling all bouncy and fast soon :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about this little dip when you're as talented a runner as you are you'll soon bounce back.
Sounds like we need to go out for a curry in the near future.
I can just about walk down the stairs now so I am no longer house-bound.
Hope the lurgy lifts soon.

Anonymous said...

You can only go to the well so many times. Remember class is permanent, form is temporary. You've seem to have lost your running mojo, but it will return. Taking a week to recover and reassess your goals may be all that you need. Try to visualise the feelings you have when you are running fast and strong and use these feelings to reinvigorate yourself. Ultimatey its only running - whats the worst that an happen.

Mark H said...

Wow , what fantastic supportive comments.
I hope they give you a lift RB.

Tricky , if you are reading this , well done at London.Chuffed to bits for you mate.

Sherpa said...

Hope things are improving. You have trained so well and that's not going to disappear -it's in the bank so to speak! Hope you do your marathon as I have a good feeling about it. Been following your blog as it inspires so thought a bit of support was due back! Also think that was you shouting encouragement at bottom of Ingleboro during Three Peaks. I'm Bingley too. Think I was just about at the end of my tether so support was welcome! Stick with it and it will all come good.

Best wishes
Mandy C

Runningbear said...

Thanks to all of you for such brilliant, supportive and encouraging messages. I've been feeling a bit lacklustre and lacking any sparkle in my running lately and think the support for a bit of break is very wise and welcome

I've enjoyed a very lazy week, running just when I fancy it which has been a nice change.
The running mojo is slowly returning, most importantly I want to enjoy getting out and feel hungry to race once more. I think I'm beating the virus and have eaten enough waffles to keep a family of 5 well fed for a month!
RB plans to be back to it very soon ...

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