Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Blogging Blues

This is the longest holiday I've ever had from blogging. So much so that I've had several very sweet and thoughtful emails of concern. Thank you to those of you who wrote; I'm really rather touched. The truth is I couldn't bring myself to inflict on the virtual world my daily whining about running too slowly, putting on weight and the painful indecision about marathon racing. Anyway, I thought it was time to resurface. I can at least report that I'm alive and well, sort of.

I've been duly immersing myself in work these last couple of weeks, mostly to block out the ongoing saga that is my marathon decision. After witnessing another fine PB effort from M on May Day I resolved to stop being so soft and get stuck into training again last week. I've been easing down a fair bit on mileage to give myself a proper recovery from that tenacious cold virus and named Sunday as my decision day. I planned a longish run to provide the final measure I needed. A last opportunity to gauge fitness. Unfortunately, it didn't go terribly well.
M had planned a fine and picturesque route to do together. Starting from Threshfield, a river hugging route took us through to Kettlewell with a return route back via Grassington. The day was lovely and sunny; plenty of splendid views of fine rolling hills and flourishing greenery all around. I was feeling rather chipper as I clipped along at a good pace, wondering why I'd been making such a fuss. However mile 10 came and the wheels started to fall off.

It's strange but I seem currently unable to run beyond 10 miles without some kind of funny wobbly attack. It happened pretty much the same way the previous week and had been the main root of my marathon worries. This time it was my last long run before the official 'taper' and there still remains no clear reason for it. A visit to the doc is planned to rule out any obvious causes.

Anyways, I've come at last to the decision to pull out from the marathon. It's been a funny few days coming to terms with the decision, especially after so much effort and energy has been focused on me doing the flippin' thing this spring. I'm now 'taking stock', having a break and running when I feel like it. I need a bit of a break. On the bright side, I've got loads of work done these last two weeks and am on top of the game in my new job.

This marathon business is tough to prepare for, particularly if you have obsessive tendencies and tend to overdo anything you put your mind to. M laughs that I just can't seem to help doing too much of everything, too much work, too much training, too much cake. I'm really not one for half measures or moderation. I'm disappointed I won’t make it this time but am also keen to get it right when I do. A reschedule is planned with an eye on something else soon. For now, a bit of enforced running fun, a return to some low key racing and then I'll most definitely be back.


Steve said...

It's a huge decision to take, given the time and effort put in during the year so far. Well done for making the tough call. Only you know what is best for you and your body. Take stock, take it easy for a while, enjoy your running, enjoy the summer. Then pick an Autumn Marathon and be reinvigorated and fresh for a renewed campaign.

ultra collie said...

sarah..on one hand sorry to hear that but on the other..there are plenty more to come. at your level i guess youre not there to make up the numbers so you need to feel at your best.
it isnt anything to do with energy consumption on the run is it?
it sounds like youre very philosophical about it all and often as we know, triumph can come from adversity eventually
keep smiling lass

Hayfella said...

Hello rb. It must have been a hard decision to make, but it sounds like the right one. There's obviously something not quite right, and I hope you get it sorted soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the running you do. It's lovely to have you back blogging.

Julie said...

Welcome back Sarah! You have been missed:) I get the same way sometimes where I feel like I just have nothing to blog about or just don't feel like commenting or reading other blogs. I like your term..blogging blues.

As far as the marathon..I think that you made the right decission. You don't want to run a marathon and injure yourself. There will be other marathons. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be as a flash!! Keep your chin up and remember to smile:) Good to have you back girl!

Alan Dent said...

It must have been a very difficult decision to make. Having got it all wrong myself at London and subsequently finding out I have possibly a small problem I think you have made the right decision

T.C. said...

As for taking a break from blogging, I do that too. Sometimes I just don't have anything interesting to say! As for your marathon rescheduling, I completely understand. I took a very long time to commit to running one due to the enormous time commitment as well as the physical demands. I still fear that it may make running too much like work and less like fun. For this big of a race, you are wise to postpone if you aren't 100% ready. It will happen!

kate said...

tough call but it sounds like you're making the right decision. when you're ready i know you'll fly and there's no point getting to the start line until you're at your best. must have been a really difficult post to write, thanks for sharing the tough times with us. enjoy your running rb and i look forward to tales of threshold sessions soon ;)

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