Saturday, 15 May 2010

BMAF Relays

After a very easy couple of weeks trying to get the mojo back it was all too soon time to travel to Sutton Park for the BMAF Road Relays this weekend. A Friday night drive, a truly huge pub meal and a bad night's sleep in a B&B somewhere near Keele weren't enough to put M off a fine run, running down one age category for our V35s team. Determined to get a run but with no team mates to join him, M ran a great first leg finishing in a fine time of 16.40 on this almost 5k course. Even if there was no man to take the baton, what a hero!

The relay course is a toughie, 2 out of  3 miles being uphill to meet swirling winds before the final mile chasing team places and trying to keep the veteran legs turning over at a good pace. I ran leg 3 in the Bingley LV35s, defending the title we won last year. I set out taking over from leg 2 in 7th place and 2 mins behind the leaders but managed to chase down enough places to hand over just 2 seconds behind the leading lady. A bit too much pressure for our fourth and final runner who managed to bring us home to win bronze. I also got a hefty silver for second fastest ladies' leg of the day in a time of 16.57. A nice little sharpener and a relief to know there's still a bit of speed left in the old legs yet. Results here.


Antony Bradford said...

Just pleased to hear that your ok and back to some running form again. Well done.

Old Runningfox. said...

Congratulations Sarah, two more medals for your collection, a time to be proud of and the smile on your face in the bottom picture tells us you really enjoyed it.
I was thinking of you a couple of days back when running the Barden Bolton Abbey circuit, a wonderfully undulating route through bluebell woods interspersed with flat bits, up one side of the chattering river and down the other, a fartlek session you'd have really enjoyed. Not that I'd have been able to keep up with you!

kate said...

so pleased to hear you sounding more positive-and speedy- again :)

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