Thursday, 20 May 2010

Back On Track

Back to the springy stuff this week to restart the regime, if not in the same volume then at least with a bit of quality work. An early finish from the office into glorious sunshine gave the session a proper holiday feel. I drove to Carnegie, sunnies on, windows down and summer tunes on the radio. Life felt good. 

This is the first hard session in a while; a real effort to ease off and recover has left me feeling ready to spring back into action and a session of 400m reps was a great start. I was met by the Coach Scobie, complete with notebook and stopwatch and not another soul in sight; there was nowhere to hide. A fine new pair of track spikes were with me, ready to break in so I pulled the beauties on. They feel great on and are so snug they feel specially tailored. 

I set out on the first rep, feeling frisky and light on my toes and managed a seemingly effortless lap, jogging 200 before setting out again. The times were a wee bit down on my pace before Xmas but not far off. By rep 6 I was ready for a change of shoes, keen to avoid too much mincing of the old calf muscles. Another six reps in racers all within 1 second brought the session to a fine total of 12 reps at a strong pace and  I was feeling in fair condition. Track work is mesmeric when you feel right and today was no exception. I'm left feeling mean and keen and ready for more, the bear's mojo is definitely back!


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
I love those track spikes! I really wish that I could run on my daughter's school track. It is new and beautiful:) I am glad to hear that your stride is frisky,fresh and fast! Running on the track always puts me in a good mood! Glad to hear the mojo has returned:) Happy weekend RB!

T.C. said...

Hey, glad things are looking up!

ultra collie said...

great to hear rb
12x400 in that heat is some doing!

Antony Bradford said...

Pleased to hear that your back to some fast training again - and you even seem to be enjoying it. Sometimes a fast speed work session or a race can pull you out of a rut, raise your confidence and make you eager again. Surprisingly, even a new pair of running shoes can change your mind set too.

Take care with the spikes though. My own experience with them was not very good and I only wore them once.


kate said...

hello mojo :)

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