Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mammas & Pappas

A mad scamper about last week in preparation for a week off work left me feeling like a bit of an empty husk on Friday. But, with a birthday weekend filled with numerous treats and ample pampering I was soon recharged and ready to go. This little bit older Runningbear can still honestly describe herself as a thirty something...

Many treats have followed including too much food and lots of sunshine and with a week off ahead, complete with visits from M's ma and pa we have lots more good times planned. A tweak of regret at not being in Edinburgh running a marathon was soon wiped away after a run in the heat on Sunday. Impressively this didn't seem to affect the ladies too much with a star run from awesome super Vet Sarah Gee of Reading; a very inspiring run indeed. 

Anyway, lots of nice sunny running planned this week. A trip to the track today was my speed injection for the week;  14x400M at Carnegie track alongside M and local talent Becky L of Skipton. It was a real pleasure to have such hard working and positive company on the track and left me with a real training buzz, a feeling I've been missing of late. My Brooks track spikes were awesome again and my rather bulging calves are starting to acclimatise to the new footwear little by little. No more tough stuff planned except for a bit longer run on Thursday, I need to test how quickly the endurance is returning. Long runs are still a struggle and I've now promised an Old Man a trip to the Doc's to check it all out.


Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
Hope you had a great birthday.
If I'd known I'd have baked you a cake :@)

ultra collie said...

hey rb..happy belated birthday
i'll have a drink on you ;-)

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
I hope that your birthday was filled with good times:) I wish I could still say that I was thirty something:) Have a fantastic week RB!

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