Friday, 28 May 2010

Back To It

As I near the end of the holidays, I can say I've truly enjoyed a real break from work, the universe and all things racing. I've had time enough to  feel refreshed and ready again for some proper training and the making of some firm racing plans.

The break from training and sensible eating has taking its toll; I'm now much more 'cuddly' than usual as access to the naughty cupboard at home all day long has brought back my old love handles. I'm now starting to crave broccoli and have nearly (but not quite) tired of cake. It seems impossible, I know.

Planning so far includes a bit of very short stuff building to a half marathon or two later in the year. For now a bit of fun with some track racing will bring a fresh approach to keep things interesting this summer and provide regular opportunities for extra speed work. The last time I raced on the track I was 14 years old.  The odd 3k race will be a nice gauge of my training progress and help the club out with the odd league event. Runningbear will soon be back on track.


ultra collie said...

sounds like a plan
go get 'em floyd

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