Monday, 31 May 2010

We English

Today has felt like a proper bank holiday; the sunny-ice-lolly-laying-in-the-cool-green-grass kind of day. A fine and breezy morning run out to Bolton Abbey this morning included much dodging of backpackers, bank holiday picnickers and dogs with big sticks. All were out for a very English day out. M and I often pinch ourselves in case we forget how lucky we are to live with this gorgeous place on the doorstep. We can enjoy this summer playground whenever we want and it really is the perfect destination for a bank holiday day out.
Simon Roberts: Bolton Abbey, Skipton, North Yorkshire, 27th July 2008
Today I ran immersed in the holiday feeling; threading my way around pushchairs, walkers teetering under overstuffed packs and sometimes dodging rogue footballs. The path snaked alongside the riverside, winding along the banks of the glistening Wharfe,  its pebbly shores spotted with paddling dogs and toddling children.

Fine bank holiday scenes emerged around each twist in the path and transported me to the amazing stills of Simon Roberts (above). Fellow photography lovers may know his work well but one collection in particular (We English) leaves me inspired and transported. They're definitely worth a look here.

To top off a fine day I came across my favourite lolly variety this afternoon; the Nobbly Bobbly! Could things really be any more perfect...?


kate said...

i feel ashamed, i have never even heard of a nobbly bobbly!

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
It sounds like you had a gorgeous day! Yes, I agree, you are lucky to be living where you do:) I love the picture! I have also never heard of a a nobbly bobbly:) Looks good!

Runningbear said...

Nobbly bobbly's are a well guarded secret (currently on offer at T****!)

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