Friday, 2 April 2010

Salford Success

Since early in the year, M has had a Good Friday 10k planned for an Easter treat as part of his own racing plan; the Salford 10k. This is a fab, fast and as flat as you get in the North of England for those fancying a bit of frisky Friday running before an Easter weekend of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and long runs. After my Wilmslow weariness I'd guessed I wouldn't be up for the race though was planning a threshold run and bobbed along to play team support role for a change for the two Bingley boys. Both M & Tricky were out running their first 10k in a while and seeking a good indicator of fitness after their recent injury woes.

The 2 lap course is a pretty brisk one though a bit breezy on the back straight. The plan was for me to split off 20 mins before the start and run a healthy warm up before rejoining the boys to chase the race for a 6 mile threshold run. We parted at 9.40am and both were a little ruffled with pre-race nerves but eager to get going. Unfortunately, M missed his lucky kiss as I arrived from my warm up a couple of minutes after the start. I had to belt around the course to catch the stragglers up and then quite enjoyed a fun chasing game for the next six miles, maintaining threshold place and passing through the field, eager to see how the boys had fared at the end of the race.

My own run was a good solid session if a tad confusing for spectators but nothing compared to the fab performances of two fine sub 36 minute 10ks! Tricky led the pair home in 35.39, not far off his best on the same course last year and M stormed home, just one second off his PB set in late December, finishing in 35.58. This is so impressive after the frustrations of M's glute injury early in the new year. So, a very worthwhile trip out and a very promising indicator of the coming months. I may have to withhold my lucky kisses in future; it seems to do just the trick.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
What no more before race lucky kisses for M!?! Well, if it makes him fast as a flash...he can wait until after the race:)

Nice job M!! Congrats!!

Mark H said...

Well done M & Tricky.
Looking good for 2010.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for support and sorting numbers out and supplying delicious post race cakes - much appreciated. Tricky.

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