Monday, 5 April 2010

Long Runs & Lurgy

After the Easter efforts of my pretend race session and M's near PB on Good Friday morning the day then deteriorated into what has since been a bit of a lurgy filled few days. The scratchy throat that I thought was the result of leaving the central heating on too long turned into a bit of a baby monster of a cold that has turned me into Mrs Sniffles the last couple of days. Saturday's run was a welcome easy recovery but Sunday was the return of the fast running pal for a long run reunion. A seriously broken collar bone could not hold the man back from marathon training and back he was on Sunday, running like a demon. I sniffled my way along my 20 mile route determined to make it through the various snot stops. I've felt better but a head cold can be beaten and I finished the run dizzily triumphant. A trip to Linton for some face stuffing followed, including a bit of a walk in the gorgeous spring sun. No more tough stuff for a couple of days in the hope the lurgy is beaten off. Better now than on marathon day I say.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Oh, I am sorry that you are not feeling the greatest. I hate it when Mrs. Sniffles makes a visit and stays to long:) You still toughed it out like the champ that you are and ran 20 miles:) Super star!! I hope that you have an excellent week Sarah! Get better soon and take care of you!

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