Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eggy Tunnels

Technology is great. I'm blogging live on the train, whilst slurping my way through a large americano and scoffing a tube of mini eggs. You'll notice the light work I've made already of those crispy little orbs of chocolate delight and we're not even past Doncaster yet!

A trip to the Big Smoke for a couple of days means M gets a holiday from me and I get to catch up with an old uni mate 'darn sarf'. That's if they let me in through passport control.

Like any running obsessed maniac I've pre-planned all training opportunities, starting with the mid week long run; a steady 15 squeezed in between breakfast and bag packing this morning. A solid 6.40 pace on the windy canal saw me right for today, if a bit snotty and red nosed from too much hanky action.

Only short and steady stuff now around and about the parks of North London; I've got my Google maps ready to see me through until the trip home on Thurs.


kate said...

very poor planning on the egg front! like the new blog look. have fun in london town.

ultra collie said...

must say you're a dab hand with technology
trust you've got a translator with you

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