Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ducky Couples

I've been enjoying a few very pleasant easy days after feeling so pooped this last week. The race on Sunday left my legs squeezed dry of bounce so training has been much more relaxed. The last three days have featured some nice 'n' easy trail jaunts in the main, taking advantage of the daylight. The extra hour's window at the end of the day transforms training possibilities with countless trail runs on our doorstep. The break from the road training is music to the legs and running soul too. Whilst enjoying these 'smell the roses' type runs I've been looking for the signs of spring, the vistas here still look wintery with very few signs of budding new growth. The abundance of lambs fizzing around the fields and countless ducky couples waddling around the village is confirmation enough that mother nature is still on track. The weather on the other hand has other ideas. Looking forward to my first coached track session tomorrow night and then a lovely long weekend, full of spring running and Easter bunnies. Chocolate ones that is.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Yes , spring is finally here!! I have also been seeing the lovely duckie couples together:) I would love to see the lambs fizzing around the such luck here in Minnesota:)

Have fun at your first track session...kick some butt!! I hope that you and your family have a lovely Easter:) Thank God for chocolate bunnies!!

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