Sunday, 25 April 2010

Local Heroes

The build up this week to VLM has been unbearable as M and I have eagerly awaited the final outcome to the hard and dedicated training of local running mates in recent months. We've been fraught with vicarious nerves as friends have tapered, carbo loaded and finally travelled down South for their big day today, the London Marathon.

The telly was on at 8.30am sharp ready for coverage as the elite ladies set out at 9am. The line-up included some very good GB women who, not quite elite enough for the very front running, still did a fine job of racing to sneak under the European and Commonwealth qualifying time; 2.38. It was a tad frustrating to not know what was going on back there as commentary focused on the leading pack with the odd reference from Marot to Holly Rush, Susan Partridge and Rebecca Robinson battling for forthcoming Euro team placings. 

Meawhile mates Tricky and MH started their own marathon efforts at 9.45am and though there was little hope of telly coverage we were able to track some of the race on the Adidas tracker via facebook; a clever app that provided 5k sized bits of race progress. It was all quite exciting for a Sunday morning...

Anyway, this is a celebratory blog post to personally congratulate our good friend Richard Balshaw, AKA Tricky. Tricky ran his first sub 3-hour marathon today, clocking a fantastic 2:56:47!! Swiftly followed by Mark Harris in 3:03:56! MH nursed a dodgy foot through the  last week of taper and then through the race itself but still managed a very impressive time despite limping into the finish. Well done boys, you're an inspiration! Other superb runs include Spen runner Kevin Ogden in an awesome 2:45:06 and ex-club mate Jon Sinclair finished in 2:55:22. Very well done all. Results here.


T.C. said...

You have some very fast friends! Congratulations to them all!

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Congrats to MH and Tickey for a very impressive marathon finish!! You were very clever to track coverage on the Adidas tracker:) Happy Monday RB!

Lydia said...

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