Thursday, 25 March 2010

Train Tales

Just thought I'd grab a 'window of opportunity' and blog about how tired I am! After the highs of track sessions and 24 at the weekend I then pressed on to run a brisk 10 on Monday too. Am I daft or what. (Don't answer that).
It caught up with me on Tuesday; 600m reps never felt so 'ard. I was a pathetic and tired mush by the end. So, learning from this I'm gonna be little miss sensible for a bit and do only fun and easy stuff, including a nice 'n' easy off road jaunt tomorrow. Hand slap for me for getting carried away again... It's just so easy to forget though.


Old Runningfox. said...

When you're really fit and running well it's so easy to get carried away and overcook it. So just ease off for a few days, run well within your limits. As you say, fun and easy stuff. You're doing really well. We don't want you spoiling things at this stage before the marathon. Good luck!

Mark H said...

Hi RB.
Agree 100% with Old Runningfox.
You're going great guns but you really need to be carefull and not overdo things.
Would hate you to get injured at this stage of proceedings.

I'm tired too , but I'll be on the wind down very soon :)

Antony Bradford said...

I agree with you both too. We all forget about that important ingredient called rest. The line between doing the right amount and doing too much is very fine. These long runs can create a false 'high' and even sometimes you can run great the day after. I don't think there are any runners(including me) who have never crossed the line and overdone it. Recognising it in yourself and allowing time for easy running and rest is the key.

Best of luck.

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
I agree with need to rest a bit!! Take care of yourself!!

ultra collie said...

i fifth that, if such a phrase is correct
i think especially after running your longest run to date..easy easy for 2-3 days then back to it :-)

kate said...

take it east rb :)

Mark H said...

Where , Hull??

Runningbear said...

Thanks guys, I've been well behaved the rest of this week and not pushed things too much. Legs are slowly coming back to life, I think. Hope the trip to Hull is a quality session MH, take care of those legs too...

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