No, I'm not blogging about any action packed TV series. That was exactly how long my long run was today; I ran 24 miles! (Yes, I'm showing off). I felt steady and strong for the most part but pretty pooped by the end as yesterday's intervals were still lingering in the old legs. The route took in 11 miles of fairly muddy towpath and then the hellish Hollins hill climb yet again. I was encouragingly a tad quicker than last time too with an average of 6.50 minute miles for the whole run, slowing a bit in the final 8 running into the usual brutish headwind that always seems to lay in wait on the home straight.

I felt pretty spent but in a good and buzzy way and after a tough training week I'm feeling the strength of this marathon training malarkey. Another hefty week of mileage is planned but with a slight ease down for Friday and Saturday to give me some reprieve before the Wilmslow English Half Marathon Champs race this Sunday. Though I've been fantasising about a medal the half marathon will strictly be a 'training race' so little chance of bringing any shiny stuff home. I'll still want to run hard and fast but these heavy legs will no doubt struggle; some mental gymnastics will therefore need to be done before race day so I don't give myself too hard a time. For now though it's time for pasta and pudding and the all important task of refuelling and recovery.


  1. you know rb..with all the hilly longstuff you're doing i think you'll breeze edinburgh..and i bet you get placed at wilmslow ;-)

  2. Congrats on your 24 miler!! Rock star:)

  3. Fantastic! Good luck at Wilmslow. I've done it twice and it's a smashing course; one slight slope (the locals call it a hill - but they're flat-earth Cheshires - it's an incline) at about 10 and a half miles and that's it. You'll fly it. Remember, the clocks go forward though. Every year there are people who forget...


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