Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Snow Good

It was a wise move to get my middle of the week long run done and dusted this morning with the return of the white stuff tonight. I got going fairly early for the steady 12 miler from Addingham, out to Burley and back. The route was a tad dull and again the tormentor followed me from Lancs to revel in blowing me backwards on the return leg along the Skipton road. After clipping along at a comfy 6.40 pace on the way out I was puffing to hit 6.50s into the wind on the way back.
A healthy sub 7 average in the end made me feel virtuous enough to have a naughty & nicely sized lunch including a bit of pudding. I'm getting a but comfy in this daytime training routine and am fantasizing about what life would be like as a pro athlete; run, eat, run, nap, run, eat, sleep. Oh, what a life it would be. Reality is soon to kick in though; only 4 days of leisurely living left to go before the money earning machinery kicks in again. Am I too young to be thinking of retirement...?


Julie said...

Hi Sarah aka Runningbear,
I just saw the comment that you left on Gregg's blog. So you are from Northern England..that is so cool! Oh my God are you flipping fast! I was just looking at your PRs and am so impressed! You put all of my times to shame! How long have you been running? You are officially my new hero:) I love finding new are now on my blog roll!

Old Runningfox. said...

Hi there,
I noticed your link (January 31st) to the Daniel's Running Formula. His book is probably one of the most helpful I ever read and his VDOT system certainly produced good results whilst keeping me reasonably injury free. If I could recommend just one book to anyone who wants to achieve their full potential it would be 'Daniel's Running Formula'.
Wishing you all the very best....
Oh, and 'Happy New Year'.

Runningbear said...

Hi Julie, it's exciting to have visitors from overseas. Thanks for your kind words - I run everyday and have little else to do besides work to keep me out of trouble. I took running 4-5 years ago after quitting smoking (I'm ashamed to admit it was 18 years of puffing the evil weed!) I have few vices left except for drinking too much coffee and eating cake...

Hi Old Runningfox, was just looking on your blog for news yesterday so great to hear from you. Thanks for the review - the book has been on order from the States for the last week so am pleased I made the right purchase. It was also recommended by another running expert like yourself so it must be good! Happy 2010 to you too, looking forward to reading more foxy adventures... RB.

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