Thursday, 4 February 2010


I'm truly pooped after a very busy day; I've run 12 miles, walked 5 and been unusually sociable (for me) and with half a cake in my tummy I think I've earned an early bedtime. An easy 5 with Mr Complete Runner for company this morning turned into an easy 7 around town, picking our way through the slush and murk before a morning coffee, a slice of home baked cake and some running shoe talk. A hurried lunch and M's return from spinning class was followed by an afternoon's walk out into the murk with visiting friend Julian M. Our ambles along the river included some racy talk and running plans for the spring to cheer us in the freezing fog.
Another coffee and cake refuel was just enough for my steady 5 tonight. A double day and a tiring one was rewarded with hot bath & hopefully a good sleep. M's cheek survived another run tonight so all things crossed. Night, night.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for the kind comments on my blog! I am really looking forward to learning more about you and your life in Northern England! I did post a tribute to my favorite blogs....if you go back a few posts there is an entire list of the ones that I adore. My favorite funny or entertaining blogs are Jamoosh at Das Mixture, Adam at I am Boring, Steve at Steve in a Speedo! Gross!, and Beth at Discom-Bob-Ulated. I also love the Laminator for words of inspiration. Actually I enjoy all of the blogs listed on my roll. Many of the bloggers are people who I would very much call my computer friends:) Feel free to check out any of them out...I am sure that most of them would be honored to have a freind from over seas!!! Runningbear, I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!! Cheers to new friends and running:)

ultra collie said...

the shot looks like the end is nigh! better run for it!

Runningbear said...

Hi Julie, thanks for the US blog tips, I've already started visiting Adam's blog which I very much enjoy and will check out the others you recommend this weekend, in between the running of course, happy running to you.

Hi UC, spooky lookin' innit? This is how Yorkshire looks 99.9% of the time! Same yesterday, same today. Will inspire you with more murky pics soon...

kate said...

yay for M's buns of steel ;)

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