Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Spring Is Back!

After all my adventures in the murk on Thursday, Friday brought the second toughie of the week; a medium long run with tempo efforts. I set out for the 12 miler in misty, cold and damp conditions feeling uninspired and rather shivery for the first couple of miles. The route is an undulating one for a couple of miles before the tempo efforts kick in on the edge of Ilkley. This time I opted for a slighter easier ride; 3 x 2M efforts to split up the hard work. As usual the return leg was heading back into gale force winds (I exaggerate mildly). Despite the dead feeling in my legs the effort was a steady threshold pace and a decently paced run by the end of the final 12. Another quality sesh in the bag that I can enjoy ticking on THE PLAN.
The prospect of today's strides held even less appeal as I shambled down the stairs with wooden legs this morning; a perfect opportunity to return the spring in my step you might say. This is a new approach for me; a steady aerobic run interspersed with short, pacy strides to get the leg turnover cranked up during high mileage weeks. The strides certainly did the business today; the brisk 7 miles left me feeling pretty nifty and ready for my hilly long run tomorrow. Sunday has a 20M route planned with company; the fast boys once again. I've been assured they'd be very tired after the XC at Sheffield today. All digits crossed, they're knackered. P.S. M's cheek also survived a road run last night.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Good job on your 12 miler today:) I love the picture, it is very beautiful. How long does the fog last? Is there a foggy season or is always somewhat foggy in Northern England? Have fun on your 20 miler tomorrow with the boys:) I bet they help you to run faster!! I have yet to find an American woman runner with your speedy times!

I just wanted to let you know that I love your writing style...there is a sincere charm and warmth to it:)

ultra collie said...

im making notes rb..great running and tops for m too
doisneau would be proud of that have a canny eye

Runningbear said...

Hi Julie, glad you like the foggy pics. I joke that Yorkshire looks like this 99.9% of the time, but it doesn't really. It just feels like it sometimes. We've had some very cold & damp weeks since XMas and living near the river Wharfe adds to the misty atmosphere. Watch out for those clear, sunny, bright spring pics coming to a blog near you...

Hi UC, glad you like the murky style. Its just round the corner from our front door, I'm sure I could hear faint howling...

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