Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Well 'ard.

I'm back, I think. Today was a toughie. After my long fast one on Sunday I was expecting today to hurt and wondered if my old legs might even give up. I'd planned a threshold and VO2 sandwich of a session; a whopper it was though I don't think I bit off more than I can chew, (ha! apols for the cheese).

After the nippy 18 with Stewart M on Sunday I wasn't expecting much pep in my legs today and at that pace, I thought I'd overcooked things to the point that today might be a waste of time. The session kicked off with a 3 mile warm up, run at tempo to goal marathon pace. A swift intervals set of 12 x 400m reps with reducing recoveries was the tasty filling with another 3 miles to warm down again at tempo to marathon goal pace to finish.

There were no easy miles and I managed it all pretty good. My trusty M joined me for the trip to Seedhill track to test out his misbehaving bum cheek. His gentle jog soon finished leaving him bags of time to clock my splits and shout at me a lot when I started to look lazy. Apparently I never really look like I'm working very hard.

The splits were very even, all well under 3k race pace and I even managed a bit of a spurt for that final rep, despite the usual Lancashire 'tormentor' headwind on that evil back straight. So, after what seemed such a daunting session I'm buzzin' with the running mojo and counting the hours until my next run. It's been ages since I've felt this hungry to train and I'm loving every minute. A medium steady run tomorrow and from the state of the roads tonight I'll be better off with ice skates. M's cheek is still a bit of a worry; another test run for him tomorrow too. A demain.


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