Tuesday, 5 January 2010

White Out

I can't believe it. Day 2 of THE PLAN and we've got a blizzard on the doorstep. A complete white out. I'm beginning to feel my marathon is doomed. Does that seem melodramatic at all? And apparently there's more of the pesky stuff to come. 8 inches by 7.30am and falling fast has also meant an unexpected day off skool. It doesn't feel much fun when you can't enjoy the pleasures of daylight running though.

Yesterday was a slippy 5m in the early morning darkness. I can at least tick day 1 of THE PLAN. What should I do? Does it really mean dreadmill running? But 9 miles?! With tempo too! What should I do?! When is Edinburgh marathon exactly...


Mark H said...

Oh dear!
We won't be doing any races at this rate.

Face your inner demons RB and tackle that DREADMILL.

I've just done 10m on it with 6x5 mins at 16kph off 2 min recoveries.

If I can do it you can do it!

kate said...

i really sympathize. the only thing that is making me feel marginally better about my prescribed 'nothing', is that i'd probably only be on the exercise bike by now due to the bloody ice.

Julbags said...

Similar conditions here, working from home. I put my Mizuno Harrier trail shoes (reasonable sized studs on the sole) and headed out. Soft snow was fine for running though obviously slower than tarmac, crossing roads with compacted snow was lethal though and I tried to stay well away from cars.

Thought I would get some miles in before it all turns to slush and ice.

Runningbear said...

You put me to shame MH! Trouble is I dont have one (a dreadmill). Its getting to one that's tricky. We dont live near a gym. Or belong to one. The nearest is at a mate's house. Its a long walk from home in the snow. Brrr.

Thanks for sympathy Kate, I shouldn't moan when such a brave soldier as you has such giant & colourful bruises to be worry about.

Top tip Julbags. Might dig out my own harriers too. Tempo might be off the menu but a pootle in the snow might keep me sane. Like Flipper's snow house btw :)

Hayfella said...

Fartleky fun on snowy fields are best when it's like this. Get out and do something, even if it's not on The Plan. My guess is that it's the not doing that gets you, rather than not doing the 9m. All the best.

buryblue said...

A proper winter for once! It normally only snows here in Suffolk in February butit it has returned to Suffolk this morning so like you thinking twice about venturing out in blizzard conditions today. I may be doing a slow trudge rather than a tempo run that was on my schedule. When I haven't been able to run I have been doing the 100 push ups programme to at least feel I have been doing something

Regards Paul

Runningbear said...

Thanks Hayfella, got out just for a short one but feel better for it. Am now accepting my fate.

Welcome and hello buryblue.I wish I could be happy about the proper winter weather but we've had it a bit too long now. I want some proper early spring weather please. Hope you managed to get your 'trudge' in. RB.

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