Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Plan B

I've cycled through the phases of shock, then denial and I'm now stuck in bargaining. The onset of the worst winter weather since time began has left me climbing the walls to get out and run. Unfortunately, however much I stamp my feet or drag my bottom lip across the floor the snow just keeps coming and long runs are still not gonna happen.
Rather than continue to make life hell for M I've let go of my mantra, 'I must follow THE PLAN' and am now thinking I can afford another week of chilling out. My new self talk includes, 'the extra rest will do the world of good', 'I'll be fresher and even hungrier by next week' and 'another week wont hurt'. So, for the third night in a row I ran a steady 5 miles in the snow, my ankles seeing more lateral movement than forward propulsion but I got home eventually, unscathed. Should this dastardly weather continue for much longer I've entered Edinburgh as a back up. The extra month's training wards off worries about a shortened schedule. It also falls on my birthday. So. Plan B is in place.


kate said...

jane might have the answer.....but plan b sounds good too ;)

Antony Bradford said...

I think your right - another week of chilling out wont do any harm. Convincing yourself with self talk seems a good idea too.

Simon Anderson said...

It's a relief to read that someone else is having the same experience.

Do you find that the uneven ground trashes your legs because of all the additional stabilising strain, or am I just being soft?

Runningbear said...

Jane's answer looks painful, is that to keep them on..?

AB, thanks, am revising things a bit but hope to get a good weekend workout in.

Simon, I'm tempted to say your a bit soft :) but i have had mashed legs this last two weeks running on the snow. The massage last night was not pleasant.

kate said...

they do work, just like wearing crampons!

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