Friday, 8 January 2010

Slushy Tales

Just on our the way out for a pot or two at the pub to kick off Friday night. After slushy runs all week I'm glad for start of the weekend. The chance to go a bit longer with the daylight for company and the dangers of icy running in the dark behind us is very welcome. The week has been peppered with 5 milers at a good pace, if a bit slushy and hard work underfoot. This weekend brings some short speed efforts early morning on Saturday and then a long run (yay) on Sunday. I can't wait! It feels like yonks since we've got a long one in. An 18 miler it will be; the route to be decided depending on the slush and snow by then. I'm feeling very running hungry after this rest period. Running ravenous in fact. Its gonna be a good year. I can tell.


ultra collie said...

running should get it in the oxford dictionary..or wiki at least

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