Sunday, 3 January 2010

Shopping Suspension

M & I were on our way out on a serious mission this weekend. To kick this marathon training off in true style a bit of running shoe shopping is called for. I'm looking to do a deal with 4 pairs; a bulk buy in the hope of getting a bit of a bargain. Frustratingly this white stuff has got in the way both days this weekend. I'll have to stick to the 12 mucky pairs sitting in the porch for the first week. Poor me. Meanwhile today was the last run of this recovery phase; another slippy, snowy 6 around the village. We've given up on the nice kind of running adventures for the time being and are crossing everything that the evil stuff thaws soon.
On a more exciting note (depending on your anorak tendencies), below is a bit of a preview of my intended approach to VLM. After lots of spreadsheet faffing and fiddling I've decided to have faith in someone else. I've taken Pfitzinger's schedule as my guide. I've embedded the file for those who are keen as mustard to get a sneak preview, (you know who you are). I've not detailed the miles, being a bit undecided yet on how high I can safely go but have written out the weekly structure. Its my first marathon and a drastic departure from my usual approach to training. A bit of a gamble you might say and I may end up looking very silly by April 25th. Any road, we'll see how it pans out. So. Day 1 tomorrow it is. An easy 5. Perhaps with crampons on. Check out THE PLAN. Only 112 days to go.


Hayfella said...

It looks a perfectly good plan to me! My prediction for 2010 is that you'll love ticking each session off; that you'll train hard and that you won't be disappointed on April 25th. All the very best of luck to you (and M) for 2010, RB. I shall be tuning in for tales of life at the elite end. Now, if only this damned ice would go away. It's been lovely, but enough.

Old Runningfox. said...

Hi Runningbear, here's wishing you a very happy and successful New Year. I hope you do as well as I did in London (won my age category on both occasions) but personally I'd include one or two more 'sharpening' races before the big one.
In the thirteen weeks prior to my last 'London' I ran four 10k's, two X-Country Championships and finished with the Dentdale Run three weeks before London. 20 milers, or a little further, were OK for me as a long Sunday run at a steady pace, but racing that distance would have taken too much out of me. However, we're all different, and you're a lot younger than me! So do whatever suits you best. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Hayfella, hope you're feeling a bit more perky? Thanks for your good wishes, I am similarly sick of this pretty, white stuff. Please rain!

Hi Runningfox, great to hear from you after all your travels. Not sure I'll be matching your achievements but to get round in one whole piece would be quite nice. I also agree racing 20 milers might be too risky, will try and be sensible in my prep. Happy Running.

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