Saturday, 2 January 2010

Second Run Of The Year

After a party-less New Year's Eve, a short 5 miles training run along the Lob Wood Loop and a bit boggly-eyed from too much telly, M and I were tucked up in bed by 11.30pm and oblivious to the turning of the year. We haven't done New Year for quite a bit which no doubt seems a bit dull but is generally fine by me. I'm not so good at late nights or drinking any more and prefer to make the most of the daylight and feeling hangover free for running. Today was the only attempt at quality for the week with a bit of fartlek over local trail; a random efforts session with one of us calling and leading an effort and then a bit of a race to a landmark ahead. The Strid is a lovely undulating and runnable trail with very few interruptions of gates or stiles. The going was good up to mile 3 or so when we hit ice. Sliding our way Silver Surfer style for the end of effort number 2 led to a more cautious jog for the middle section. The efforts were resumed after the river crossing but interrupted again by sheet ice in places. It's been a frustrating couple of weeks, battling the ice and snow but at least it's a recovery week and so no bad thing. If it carries on much longer though I'm thinking dreadmill. Its a hellish thought I know but desperate times call for desperate measures.


Julbags said...

I had my first run of the year yesterday, really enjoyed it but was continually having to dodge ice. I won't be taking my road bike out today that's for sure! Have also been bracing myself for the prospect of the dreadmill next week and even worse than that.....I was looking at the prices of turbo trainers.

Mark H said...

Come on then RB ....I'm waiting .... for the unveiling of .... week 1 .... of THE MASTERPLAN!

kate said...


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