Friday, 1 January 2010

Hello 2010

What a funny year its been running wise, bringing with it all sorts of opportunities and frustrations. 2009 has seen me start my blog, now 10 months old and my little patch of virtual home. Like my own cosy spot of fresh, sun warmed spring grass, I've enjoyed welcoming some lovely visitors to drop by, sit down and share in the running obsession. I reckon turning off the telly & getting fresh air on skool nights is just as important to some of those people too.
I've had my first experience of over-training or 'under-recovery' as its termed, moaned about it a lot but then gone on to enjoy a taste of open elite racing & my first full England vest. I've run 3204 miles, and raced 34 times, including 5 half marathons. M has set PBs from 5k right through to half marathon and has finally earned his own place on the National Rankings, with his first ever qualifying time on the road; a major goal that has been in his sights since we started this old game just a few years ago. A very symbolic achievement to end 2009 indeed.

Best of all has been sharing all this with so many old, new and great running folk. M and I are very lucky to share our passion for this funny old sport with each other but also with lots of really great people. Thanks to all those kind and thoughtful running friends for lots of good (and sometimes not so good) times in 2009. Here's to a faster, healthier and stronger 2010.


kate said...

wishing you both a bit belated happy new year, with lots of ice free miles and choco softies :)

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