Friday, 15 January 2010

Tarmac Tales

Woohoo! What a great day it is today. Not just because its Friday, of course that's pretty good too. But, I've actually run in excess of 5 miles today, all on that lovely, hard and reliably firm stuff called tarmac. My already limited patience has been truly tested and I've been watching the training days tick by with countless sessions unfulfilled on The Plan.
Today I managed 10 miles in total; 5 miles of which were lovely, pacey and 'unslippery' tempo miles. It was wondrous! That's wondrous to be out on steady feet working hard. It was less wondrous feeling like a heavy and tired blob of uncoordinated body matter lumbering my way at a pace I should be able to skip through with little effort. But we wont dwell on that. It was really great to be out running proper again, feeling the wind in my face, the pure physical focus of pushing my body and feeling that tired high that running so reliably provides.
Yours, the running junkie.


andy from embsay said...

You looked to be going pretty well to me when you passed me going the other way near Middleton Woods - looked very speedy from where I was pootling!

kate said...

running is bloody brilliant :)

ultra collie said...

your snow's stopped too..fancy that..what a coincidence

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