Wednesday, 13 January 2010

On Thin Ice

I've dragged myself to the laptop tonight ready and armed with a fine list of excuses. I'd been intending to blog last night but instead procrastinated my way through some rubbish telly, guilt ridden and ashamed. But I can't cope any longer. I need to 'fess up readers.

After continued rubbish weather on Monday and an impossible journey to work I settled for my planned easy 5m recovery run around the village. I was determined to make this week count. So, Tuesday came and ready I was for my planned threshold session; a medium run with 5 miles tempo to finally kick off THE PLAN. M & I forged our usual complex ballet at teatime; planning our respective sessions for the night. With M on hill work we synchronised our watches and agreed our warm down routes to accommodate any premature finish. Leaving the car on the edge of town we set out together for the warm up, both eagerly anticipating the lovely, post run afterglow and clearing our heads of the usual work nonsense. Ah. It felt good to be on the tarmac.

Pretty soon it dawned that the pavements were useless. After one or two turnings it also dawned that the main road was the only safe route option. After running a couple of miles it dawned that running in the road was getting pretty hazardous as we argued with cars over rights of way and repeatedly hopped into icy mounds for fear of being flattened. I really wouldn't recommend this approach to tempo training.

Anyway, by mile 5 and a final effort to locate a safe spot for some pacey running on the other side of town, it became clear that the whole thing was just plain dangerous. The temperature dropped and icy patches became increasingly difficult to spot and I imagined how I'd feel about THE PLAN whilst sporting a broken ankle. Instead, we settled for a steady run. I've made a promise to myself to keep my head until this cold weather passes. Staying alive & staying healthy is also part of THE PLAN.


Mark H said...

That last sentence sums it up perfectly for me RB.
10 days since I last ran outdoors and I'm pig sick of this weather but I'm not prepared to risk broken bones or worse.
Snowing in Leeds now as I type this.

Antony Bradford said...

Yesterdays ice made the snow not seem too bad. My 3 mile run to work took over one hour! I would not want to try any tempo running in it.

Julbags said...

Good call, I've done no biking since the 1st but have been managing to get out for a few "runs" in the snow/ice but nothing other than steady running/sliding. A pair of microspikes helped on Tuesday's sheet ice but I am itching to do a set of intervals or get out on the bike or something.

kate said...

i feel your frustration...... :(

ultra collie said...

good idea wont hurt you. i do think some drivers need to show some bloody consideration to other road users..our council drivers are the biggest culprits. keep your faith theres plenty of time yet

Runningbear said...

Thanks for the v supportive comments all. At least some of you share in my misery... I resorted to the dreadmill today. Nothing too taxing but a nice change from ice and snow. RB.

Gregg said...

sounds like you have the same ice challenges as I do across the pond. keep up the good posts. thanks for visiting my page as well.

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