Sunday, 17 January 2010


The blogging has suffered a bit these last few days, what with an epic overhaul of THE PLAN and a change in racing focus for the first half of this year. The loss of a few weeks decent training since December and having seen the elite line up for VLM 2010, I'm now considering moving my first marathon focus to a more laid back Edinburgh and with it am redrafting my training plans.
I've been a busy bee; spreadsheet fiddling, entering races and planning cat sitting for those races away. I've entered most of those in the diary now except for Wilmslow HM which I'm just about to send off. Open entries are full but M came to the rescue and secured me a place with an urgent email to secure an elite English Champs entry. Its proving to be a real challenge to get race entries in plenty of time for the faster and popular road races this year.
The legs have been a bit stiff and sulky these last two days after the first quality road session in a while on Friday. I've played it safe after an Achilles niggle from new trainers and kept the long one conservative today. Next week will see me back to great quality training again including a HM race to kick things off. Though it's a fast course there'll be no easing down and instead, I'll be looking for a hard and fast training run. A good time is unlikely but I can at least make a firm start on the marathon quality. Onwards & upwards.


ultra collie said...

that's cheating...edinburgh's all down hill!!

kate said...

glad the plan's coming together again. i wish i had alturnative 'big race' but there's for it, i just have to accept that i've lost at least 3 weeks and probably another 2 before proper mileage can start again. nothing like fear to get you motivated!!!

Runningbear said...

hi UC, yes, i though that might be nice for my first attempt!

hi Kate, I'm now so ruftie tuftie so need a softie safety net. Hope fat leg is looking a healthier colour.

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