Saturday, 23 January 2010

Holidays & Injury Woes

What a funny week its been. Part relief; after a long and manic few days at work, M & I have are now ready to take some time off. Two whole blissful weeks of doing nothing but whatever we like. It's spoilt a bit by the running injury that's coming knocking on our door.
Poor M has suffered the wrath of gluteus after all his icy running toils. He's strained his glute medius or for the less technical, he's got a sore bum cheek. He stayed off running for a couple of days but with no improvement visited our local physio, Mike B. Strict instructions from Mike include no running until the bum pain subsides and up to 6 weeks before he can get back to full play. A blow after some fantastic running these last few months and with two weeks of playtime ahead an' all!
We've spent the last day or two researching the cross training options which include a month's subscription to a sort-of-nearby gym and a bit of online shopping for an 'aqua vest'. Some water jogging might be the ideal non-impact remedy once the healing kicks in. So, the trip to York tomorrow for that first half marathon of 2010 is off. I'm also guarding my niggly Achilles and with a bum cheek to massage I'll be kept cheekily occupied. Best wishes to mates at the Brass Monkey HM tomorrow. Wish we were there...


Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
Sorry to hear about M's injury woes.
Such a shame as he was on for a sub 80 p.b as I'm sure you both know.
His time will come , it will just have to wait a bit longer but be all the more rewarding.

Take care of your own niggle also .... being benched is no fun :-(

Gregg said...

I had to stick to the pool a few years back and aqua jogging is good. Very boring, but good. Pete Pfitzinger, on his website, has a number of "workout" to do while aqua jogging to help pass time. Remember, it will be near impossible to sustain hear rates in the pool that one sustains while outdoor running. Thus the workouts.
Also, I had to turn to learning how to swim laps just to break up the bordom. half hour of swimming, and half hour of jogging.
Good luck to M!!

Antony Bradford said...

Sorry to hear about your injury woes. A very good runner once said to me and it as stuck in my mind ever since - you are at your greatest risk of injury when your feeling good and running your best. However, don't despair, there are plenty of options to train and stay fit without running. It sounds like your searching these out and you might even both return wiser, fitter and stronger.

All the best.

kate said...

arse ache is the correct term ;) hope you have a speedy recovery M.

enjoy your time off and fingers crossed the niggle disappears.

Michael said...

I have found that I run injury free now that I have gone to the Barefoot/Minimalist route to running. I love running minimally, I have less injuries, I can feel the road, I feel as if I can run forever.
If anyone wants to learn more about this revolution in running, check out my blog here:

Runningbear said...

Thanks for the posts peeps. Despite the injury visiting the household, we're pretty chipper. We're thinkin' cross training can be a good thing and we've a bit longer before any races loom...

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