Sunday, 10 January 2010

Return of the Long One

It felt good to be back today. A return to some proper training and an escape from the ice and snow. M and I scheduled in a long one with a faint hope the roads would be clear and we could taste how it feels to run unhampered again. Ah the tarmac. I know that sounds daft and a bit 'moany' but, as pretty as it is, this white stuff is a pain to run on. Literally. You're kind of stuffed in the absence of a treadmill in your garage or a pay-as-you-go gym on your doorstep. It felt truly fantastic. Two miles before Askwith village I was turfed out into the cold whilst M drove up the hill. Planning an 18 miler I aimed to collect M and Co. then return for an out and back route from Askwith to the A59. All undulating and twisty, it made for a fine long run route, except for the small number of very grumpy car drivers unhappy sharing this motorists' rat run with a pack of runners.
So. A refreshing return to training it was. An average of 7.08/mile over the distance with some fine hills proved taxing enough for me today after well over a month since the last long one. A taste of the coming weeks and a delicious morsel it was too.


Simon Anderson said...

Sorry for going all nerdy on you, but how to you overlay your GPS signal on the OS map?

Runningbear said...

No need to apologise Simon, be proud of your nerdyness...the picture is not a GPS overlay, just a screen shot from my mapping software complete with plotted route. You can however export your route to Google Earth within Garmin TC. Highlight the relevant workout, go to toolbar View/View in Google Earth/View 'workout date' and so on. Hope you had a good run today. Reckon it must've been a bit tricky for you with the pooch.

Hayfella said...

Glad you got out and got your long one in. I can feel the endorphins in your blog!

ultra collie said...

dont worry all the white stuff should be gone in time for your next long one
out of nosiness rb..what time / pace are you aiming for in london?

Runningbear said...

Hi Hayfella, and yes was it that apparent?!

UC, have been advised that 2.40-2.45 is a realistic target based on my race times at other distances but that doesn't account for it being a first attempt. So, this will work as my guide for training paces but I'm trying to keep an open mind - i understand that times often go out of the window on the first one!

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