Wednesday, 30 December 2009

You Fat Rascal

To continue an easy week of running and resting these old pins before THE PLAN kicks in next week I bobbed over to Ilkley this morning for a run and chat with Mr Complete Runner. Conversation of course turned to VLM and race plans ahead, Terry's 47 years of racing make him something of an expert on all things road running and I reckon he's competed in most local events at least a dozen times to know what's what racing wise around these parts.
I'm still toying with the 'to do' or 'not to do' of a 20 miler in the coming weeks. This distance seems all the rage after checking out a few well seasoned marathoners on the Power of 10 site. I'm now exploring the Bramley 20m in February, which is nearish to M's folks or the Stafford 20m in early March. Both are a safe distance from the taper and afford plenty of time to recover and revise the training if necessary. I'm probably driving M up the wall with my race planning too, having already had a mini tantrum upon finding that the Salford 10k is a week earlier than thought, thereby destroying my deft plan for a tune up 10k after the HM at Wilmslow. It's now crunch time and I'm finalising those key dates though the race plan is looking strangely bare. A stark contrast to 2009 which saw me compete 34 times or so; it'll be 4 races in as many months before London. Something for me to chew over. My pootle to Ilkley today also required a pit stop at Bettys. An easy week includes lots of food recovery and fat rascals are a favourite treat. The cherry eyes are particularly good saved till last.


Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
How many miles per week are you planning to peak out at ? and will this involve doubles ?

Are you being coached ? or are you tailoring your own schedule ?

I'll have a stack of questions to ask the next time I see you!

Am really looking forward to see how the next few months pan out for you (and M also).

It's your 1st marathon remember , so try not to burden yourself with too much pressure.
Try and view it as a marker to set down for future marathons.
Easier said than done though , I know!

Runningbear said...

Hi MH. Good God, I could write an essay on all this so will have to restrain myself to keep it brief..

Have been stuck between two approaches:
1. To continue my usual approach in a training week (1xintervals, 1xtempo & 1xlong run)
2. Follow a true marathon programme (am keen on Pfitziner's book in particular).

I think I'm going for the latter. Its very marathon specific and the mileage rises to over 100. I'll have to dilute this as this is a bit too high for me but will follow the structure as much as I can :] It involves some doubles but not every day.

I'm not coached and haven't felt I've needed one until now. I think sometimes you need an objective voice from someone with very sound knowledge (there are so many theories!)

Anyway, I've decided to have faith in Pfitzinger and see where it takes me. Its lots of running (3 long runs most weeks!), but it should lead me to excellent fitness by VLM day.

Will try to be faithful in my blog diary if you're really keen... What about you? How many miles? Which plan? Any tips..?

Mark H said...

Any tips ?
Don't feel I'm talented enough to make you a better runner.
I seem to thrive on bagging the miles to get a sub 3hr marathon.Whereas more talented runners can get the same result through lower mileage.

I managed 2:50 at London based on 6 runs per week , averaging 65 mpw , topping out at low 70mpw.

The key for me was lots of long runs , about 8 - 10 20 milers plus a midweek 13m , couple of tempo/hill sessions plus 2 days of really easy running (they were most welcome!)

Will be attempting a similar plan this year.

One piece of advice I could give is listen to your body.
If you feel ill or have a slight niggle , don't feel guilty about missing a session or chopping or changing your plan.

I also feel I need to do a few races to replicate running at marathon race pace and to give me an indication of where my fitness lies.

Is Marc following the same plan ?

ultra collie said...

i'll get me coat ;)

Runningbear said...

Sorry for the dullness UC :]

MH, your tips fit well with my plan, the secret will be not to overdo things - i keep hearing most marathoners arrive on the start line overtrained...
M is still undecided, waws quite keen until the last couple of weeks - this could be tough as my training week will now clash massively with his so will be doing most on my own and we do at least 50% together at the moment.
Will make me tougher for the race i reckon.
Happy 2010 by the way.

Mark H said...

You could be right about being overtrained.
I spent 2 weeks out injured/lurgified 6 weeks before London 06 and got a 9 min pb (2.50).
So maybe the enforced rest did me more good than harm.

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