Tuesday, 29 December 2009

On Top of the World

Having taken a few unexpected days off whilst the office is quiet I've been basking in the luxury of lazy days whilst poor M has had to traipse to work. I'm trying to soften the cruel blow by getting up with the alarm and seeing him off as well as providing special cake treats for when he comes home like any good Stepford Wife should. I'm feeling particularly bad about getting a daylight run in this morning as M has just had to venture out on his lonesome in the cold and soggy night for a slippy slide around town. We're both happily taking things easy this next week or two, a blessing given the continued presence of the glacier outside the front door.

Today's run was a playful and very easy 6 mile bimble in the snow up to Barden reservoir. In my unique style I timed things perfectly to catch the howling winds and sleet showers. I don't half pick 'em. As the odd rambler gazed on from their cosy car seat at my nuttiness, I forged on with pocket camera in one hand, grasping for anything in my wake to stay upright with the other. It was cold and a bit bleak but it wasn't work and I thought of M as I got some fresh air.

The afternoon passed quickly with a bit of eating, bubble bathing and blog fiddling (not all at once). I'm revelling in this easy week and enjoying some princess RB time as the days count down to THE PLAN. Only 5 days to go before VLM training starts proper. OMG, its nearly here. WOo HoOoOOoOoO. I'm officially a bit scared. It'll soon be an end to all this talking and finally a start to the long awaited doing.


kate said...

lovely, you're such a tease ;)

ultra collie said...

i dread to see the enormity of your plan once revealed
xmas rb style is resumed..hoorah!

Runningbear said...

Thanks Kate, I know but its just so fun.

UC: THE PLAN is soon to be revealed, I dare you to try it.. you know you want to..

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