Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Top Kit

The winnings from Thirsk have been burning a hole in my pocket. Before spending the whole lot on Xmas and bills I thought I'd go for some special kit treat to remember my victory properly. I've had my eye on a fine waterproof for over a year now but couldn't bring myself to cough up the cost of a Haglofs Oz pullover. I daren't even type how much these things cost in case my laptop implodes. I overcame the guilt and shame of the massive spend and pressed the checkout button (with my eyes squeezed shut) on Pete Bland's site, probably whilst still woozy from my relay run on Sunday night. That's my excuse anyway. It must have been the lack of pie 'n' peas that brought on my dizzy, spending spell.
These guilty justifications include the fact that I haven't bought running kit in a while and such a treat might make running in the rain 'fun', especially with a marathon plan to kick off in the New Year. The beauty arrived this morning... I'm now a proud owner of a piece of true kit-art.
I cannot believe how gorgeous and fantastic this piece of kit is. I know that sounds very sad & is all materialistic of me but I have never loved a waterproof quite as much as this. Its a perfect fit, a girly 8 is wonderfully loose for 'high pulse' running and still slim enough a cut to not feel like I'm wearing a bin bag with arm holes. The things is truly wonderful and tissue-light, like a vest of the angels. Santa won't be coming to visit for another ten years mind but its worth the sacrifice. I've been out in Oz for a bit, a test of 9 miles in the rainy dark. I came back dry as a bone as well as feeling very stylish. Its a fantastic fit, with great breathability and very weather resistant. Best decision I've made all year. Lucky me. Important note to Haglofs reps, I love your kit. Any running kit donations in exchange for reviews would be very happily received ;)


Julbags said...

I have one too, love it! If I can justify buying one for running in you most certainly can.

jumbly said...

You will not regret buying that. I have one and I love it, best bit of kit ever.

kate said...

very nice. i have been coveting one of those for a while now. guess i just need to win a race ;)

Mark H said...

Suppose if I was a multi prize winning , cashed up elite athlete like yourself ;)
then I could just about justify the purchase.

In the mean time , I'll just have to soldier on in my £6 Aldi running top :-(

Runningbear said...

My fellow bloggers have clearly got very good taste ...Kate you never know what Santa might bring if you're extra good for the next 8 days.

Mark, now I feel like I should be donating something to your kit cause, though of course I wouldn’t dream of knocking Aldi gear... it comes a close second :D but the Oz rules

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