Friday, 18 December 2009

Wakey Wakey

After a night of tossing, turning and balancing cats on my back (the little blighters) I decided to give in at 5.30 and get up to face the day. The weather though very pretty is a complete pain in the a** to run in. Last night we settled for a steady 9 miles into Ilkley and back as a speed session was clearly off the menu.
Its my big day today, an assessment centre for a big promotion. 5 hours of tests, interviews and presentations including a financial case study that I'm dreading (I don't do sums very well). Sleeping has been a rare treat so an easy 5 around the village this morning has helped settle the nerves, if a little bit slow in the snow. All fingers, toes and any other spare digits crossed.


Mark H said...

Good luck with the job Sarah.Hope it went well.

With a decent covering of snow and -5c forecast for tonight , the HP time trial is looking doubtfull for tomorrow.
Might have to be the dreadmill.

Runningbear said...

Thanks MH, just about recovering after gruelling day. It was good news about the outcome last night but not am freaking out about having a new job.. never happy...

Toughie with the weather today, M was hoping to get to HPTT too. Looks like bounding in the snowy grass for us. Keep warm!

Mark H said...

Well done on the new job anyway.
Bet the running gives you more satisfaction than work.It does me!

Just managed 10 miles in the snow without breaking my neck!
62 miles for the week after tomorrow.

Then first 20 miler of the VLM campaign on Monday . . . . I've started early.

ultra collie said...

congratulations rb !!!..hope it doesnt eat into play time at all
great weather though for leg strengthening off road all this weather

Runningbear said...

Thanks for the congrats both... i'm hoping play time will remain untainted, that's what they promised when I asked but who knows...

Good luck on the start to the VLM campaign MH. Am excited for you - you're getting in two weeks more than me you devil.. grrr

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