Sunday, 13 December 2009

Relay Rampage

A much more civilised start to racing today with a fine sleep in and a pootle about until 11am, breakfasting on porridge and then a drive over to Shelf for the handover to leg 6. The Calderdale Way Relay is an annual club favourite taking in 50 miles around the Calder Valley over 6 paired legs. This seems to be a reasonably competitive event on the fell calendar though I'm a bit dubious of its true fell status given that my experience of racing leg 6 comprises of mostly tarmac and canal towpath (except for two very mucky fields). Shoe choice is always a bit of a dilemma. Anyway, Bingley had several teams in the mix, including me in the Ladies A and M in the Vets team. M's handover came quicker and off he sprinted with his pair Richard S. They made mincemeat of the immediate competition and went on to have a storming run coming in 3rd vets team overall.
The ladies A team ran good too giving us a nice lead to get off before the mass start on leg 6. We ran a pretty strong and steady final leg with no competition in sight and finished 1st ladies team. Results show we accumulated a 16 min lead overall. It was far too chilly to hang about for the free pie 'n' peas and team trophy but we all came away having had nice muddy runs and the hot bath at home felt extra special as a result. No more racing for ooh, at least 2 whole weeks. Results here.


kate said...

very poor show, can't believe you hoover up the pie'n'peas ;)

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