Saturday, 12 December 2009

Every Second Counts

After a steady week back to quality training I ventured over to Leeds before sunrise to have another crack at the 5k time trial. The 9am start around this bendy and muddy course is well worth the early start - you can be bathed & bacon buttied all by 10.30am if you're quick. Justin P and Josie H also turned out for the Santa strewn event, some festive 'fun', though I worried for the park whilst picking my way through discarded false beards on the warm down.

I ran pretty good, very evenly paced in fact with only 1 second between each of the three mile splits. Hope you're all impressed. I felt strong, though background fatigue remained from the efforts of Tuesday and Thursday night . I slipped and slithered over the muddy finish with 17.29 on my watch. Gutted to see it is 17.30 on the official records! Pleased to have a PB on a pretty slow course though and I reckon might push to a sub 17 on a fast course with fresh legs. Maybe not just yet, but perhaps a target for the spring. I wore my very fine Brooks T6 racers - they're kind of super light and bendy and tilt you forward to perch on your toes even when stood still. These are great events & I missed regular Mark H (where were you?!), it didn't seem quite the same without his friendly face or Marc S from Horsforth to chase. I'll definitely try and return once a month for these in the New Year and hopefully keep some spring in these legs during the marathon build up.


ultra collie said...

crikey..thats an even pace! did you run as mrs clause?

Mark H said...

You ran pretty good ??
Sarah , you're a far too modest lady!!
You've had such a fantastic year and feel sure you'll cap it all off with another stormer at Ribble Valley.
Wish I could get my splits as evenly and consistent (I used to be able to).

Couldn't make it down today as I was at work.
I'm planning on doing it next week as a sharpener for Ribble.

kate said...

i am suitably impressed :)

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