Sunday, 6 December 2009

Mud Soup

It was the long one today, the last long one for a few weeks in fact. M planned 18 and I'd planned 20 though both were rather tentative plans as the weather became wilder and rainy as the miles clocked by (surprise surprise). We had unexpected company with Josie H joining us for the undulating and pretty taxing loops out from home, out to Bolton Abbey and then a returning loop, dropping M off before a final detour to make up the miles via Ilkley. The slog home for the final 3 with the usual 'tormentor' head wind left my plan to push the final miles in tatters. I managed a 6.29 but then slowed to 7 minute miles as I surrendered to my tired and achy glutes. Average pace was just nicely on 7.20, perhaps a bit brisk given the trail terrain along the way but a rest for the next weeks should allow for some decent recovery before the marathon plan kicks in proper in 2010.
After a whirlwind wallow to wash away the mud we were out again to cheer club mates at the last of the XC series up at Nunroyd park. Future premiership footballer Catherine modelled the muddy scene nicely as our Bingley boys and girls slipped and slid their way around the gruelling race course. I'd like to say I was sad to miss out, but that would be a big fat fib. Not many out today in the ladies race but the men's' race was a classy field and Bingley had a stormer, finishing first team for today's event and for the full series, beating Leeds City AC by only 7 points. Bingley Rules! Well done boys.


ultra collie said...

you sound like you'll be in great fettle when you start your marathon training in long as the mince pies and selection boxes dont get the better of you ;)

kate said...

i had to double check what i just read-crikey you're fast! there must be something in those softies ;)

Annabel Lee said...

Hi Sarah,

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If you are interested please could you email me on and we can move forward with getting some samples sent out to you.

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Hayfella said...

Let me see... You're running 20 miles at 7.20. And you haven't started marathon training yet? Are you sure?!! Great stuff, rb.
Hey, Do you think Annabel'll let us all trial her drink?

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