Sunday, 20 December 2009

Get Your Skates On

We awoke to a glorious blue sky and plans were made for a nice off road adventure this morning. M & I plan to race fresh next week so long runs are banished for a bit and fun stuff is on the menu. We did get a bit of quality in yesterday though it was a bit compromised - efforts in the snow made for a sort of pseudo dunes session, 1min efforts around a snowy field was exhausting and slow. I've generally felt shattered after the trials at work this week so I forgave myself my sluggishness and instead am focused on how good I should feel after the ease down next week.
Today was an icy trip up to Blubberhouses to visit a running mate's new mansion overlooking gorgeous views of the Washburn Valley. We took a loopy 8 mile route up to Thruscross reservoir which, despite being off road and pretty boggy the rest of the year was sheet ice for large sections and hairy on the descents. The last few miles around Fewston were sheet ice and not an option for me as I struggled to stay upright. Today felt too short a run in relative terms but I'm hoping I'll be chomping at the bit to race next week. A festive feeling kind of a day if you like that kind of thing. M & I try and ignore Xmas and bask in how quiet it is at the office. Bah, humbug. We've got the curry in for Xmas dinner though, you can't say we don't make an effort. Santa's already been to visit anyway.


kate said...

i'm sure the torture of a 'normal' pace will pay off next week ;) and as for christmas, i'll be at work. how's that for a bah, humbug

ultra collie said...

love the picture..kind of idylic

Mark H said...

I'm also working xmas day Kate.
So double bah humbug!

Henry Heavisides said...

I hope that you & M enjoy your curry & have a great Christmas in your own way. See you at Clitheroe weather permitting.

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