Friday, 25 December 2009

Sprouts an' all

Well now, ho, ho, ho to my fellow bloggers. Merry Christmas and all that. Hope those of you who partake in the gift giving and sprout munching are having fun and haven't overdone things already? Its been a low output week blogging wise so thought I'd make a special effort for readers - I hope you appreciate the festive flavour, (I promise I'll remove the Xmas mix tape before it drives you all insane).

I trust Santa was very generous and brought you all that you were hoping for, including some top kit. As a non festive person generally we have avoided the gift giving. M's Germanic routes would normally see him doing it all yesterday anyway. We had a rather comical Xmas video call with M's clan last night after discovering Skype. This wonder of the modern world is free and takes literally 5 mins to set up free video calls to anywhere in the world. And in case you missed it, I said free. Skype rocks as some old fella said. Much recommended if you've not discovered this yet.
Anyway, plans today include a run on this gorgeous and clear sunny day before tucking in to a Christmas curry. I also bought a bag of sprouts for a festive touch. This week and next are rest weeks from hard training as a ploy to be fresh for the marathon plans starting in January. The fact that Ribble Valley 10k falls right in the middle is a bit inconvenient, particularly so because I've been eating everything in sight and seem to have already grown by several pounds in the last week. Needless to say I'm not at my preferred race weight. In fact I look a bit of a porker and might need to ease off the cake. I'm not worried. Do I seem worried? No doubt the miles I'll soon be belting out will see to that. But enough chatter from me. Have a good one today and we might see some of you shivering at the Chevin Chase tomorrow.


ultra collie said...

what a fantastic xmas blog rb..with all the trimmings. happy xmas to you and m x

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