Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Choco Bliss

Oh yes. No need to rub your eyes readers. This really is a choco softie stall. You read that right. Its a real life shop dedicated to the heavenly, chocolately goodness of those fluffy light & delicious domes. Santa has come early to Leeds & decided to plonk a choco softie dedicated stall (especially for me) at the German Market in Millenium Square.
My trips back and forth to the adjoining Civic Hall for meetings are becoming mysteriously more frequent. Colleagues are beginning to comment on my virtually permanent marshmallow moustache as I return to the office on softie highs, attempting to mask my guilty secret and smuggle in my softie stash. The eye popping range of these domed delights is incredible with all sorts of gorgeous flavours, milky coffee and cherry almond being my top two favourites (for this week). I would urge you to visit Leeds if only for a taste of these German wonders. It'll be well worth the trip, I promise.
After snaffling these luscious lovelies all week I've been keen to get back to some decent mileage whilst ensuring my body gets a good recovery from Sunday's race. Tonight was a return to a slightly more taxing training run, a cautious but steadily paced 10m along a pretty flat and hill free route to get the pace back a bit. I made a conscious decision to keep any tough stuff to a minimum until this weekend to ensure I make space for adaptation. I'm reckoning this is something I've forgotten to do for much of this year and it can so easily undo the efforts of tough training by not allowing the body time to rebuild and bounce back from those big withdrawals. I'm convinced this will be a key ingredient for marathon success in the Spring. My excitement continues to build as I read more and more marathon training stuff. I'm mid way through another excellent marathon text and am starting to get my head around a much more race specific training approach, including the reduced emphasis on V02 work. I can't wait to get started, only another month to go!


ultra collie said...

another month of softie chocco heaven is that? or a month before your marathon schedule starts? or both? or neither?

kate said...

is that the 'before' shot ;)

Runningbear said...

Another month before training, that amount of choco softie's wouldn't last a week!

Will be very sad to see my favourite shop go at Xmas...

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