Tuesday, 1 December 2009


My moans & groans about the seemingly constant rain have been silenced after the last few buckets of rain fell over our house on Sunday. Since then we've been greeted with sharp, icy and clear blue days, perfect for those bracing, great-to-be-alive, first light kind of runs. An easy 5 at dawn on Monday morning was a welcome if rather bracing start to the week and left me feeling zingy and glad to be a runner. Today was again another slice of frosty heaven, as M & I bundled ourselves out the door, complete with hats and gloves to run a fresh and sharp 7 miles around Ilkley.
The legs knew they'd raced but were happily stretching out those post race creases and all feels well and healthy, something I always feel grateful for after the punishment of a hard road race. In my efforts to become a faster, more competitive and better racer I often take for granted the simple fact that I can run when I want with very little body trouble to speak of. So, this week is about remembering how lucky I am to be fit & well and just trying to keep it that way. A few more easy days and then maybe a return to endurance training at the weekend.


ultra collie said...

lovely pic rb.
but why wait til first light. bang a head torch on and try it before the (human)world wakes up..its wonderful

Hayfella said...

Gorgeous pics rb. Enjoy your well-earned recovery runs. Wish I could do the early morning thing but just can't get out of bed in the morning. I'm in hibernation mode.

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