Sunday, 29 November 2009

Going For Gold

After waking up this morning to the sounds of heavy rain hammering the Velux and wind whistling through the eaves, M & I were less than hopeful of a PB at the Thirsk 10m today. I'd settled on the idea of just running a good race, putting a fast time firmly to the back of my mind. This plan remained for most of the journey over, under darkened skies (we even had our headlights on for goodness sake).
Anyway, we arrived in good time to pick up our chips (for timing not the tasty fried sort) and after a frisky warm up, a visit to Tesco's loos and a Garmin casualty we were ready for off in what was rather miserable & wet conditions. Lots of local stars were there for this North of England 10m Champs race. After a bit of delay jogging about a lot in circles to stay warm, the race got off to a blistering start. I'm not sure how blistering as I had no watch to guide me but judging by the local talent there were many targeting this Champs race and gunning for PBs.
The pacey start and virtual swim through flooded sections left us all soaked from half a mile in. I somehow hung on, unsure of what the pace was and passed a few ladies who'd overcooked the start, finally passing the leading lady runner at around 4 miles. I hung on to some burly blokes to take shelter from breezy sections and felt strong right through to mile 8. Serious leg burn then set in and I had to drag myself home for the final 2 miles losing a bit of time to come in with a PB at 58.25. I was a bit disappointed to not make it under 58. M had a storming race and ran 59.19 - he's inching ever closer (eek). A big PB means he's on for a fine time at Ribble Valley. We both came home with lots of cash, (M for 3rd V40 and 2nd Men's team prize). I also got my gold medal and am proudly telling all I'm the Northern 10m Champ for another year. Results here & NoEAA report here.
Well done to all running mates who did great today, including Mark H who ran strong and should be very chuffed with his returning form. Our Bingley boys also ran well and won medals for the men's team champs and many Otley mates did good too, (well done particularly to Josie girl & Julian M). Now for some emergency Garmin surgery.


  1. whoop, whoop!

    ....come on M, you can catch her ;)

  2. Well done again Sarah.Really chuffed for you and Marc , and thanks for the mention.

    To run a pb without a watch is some going.
    2010 looks like it's going to be a BIG year :-)
    This blog inspires me to try and achieve similar heights.

  3. well done to both Sarah for Gold and M in making it to the powerof10 with a great PB. Inspiring stuff!

  4. Yes, well done again RB on another great PB - from AB.

    Also well done to Marc on a good run.

  5. If that's not worth a stonking great pile of Choco Softies I don't know what is. Well done.

  6. Thanks all for the kind and encouraging words. M is now definitely on my tail, I'm gonna have to sneak in some secret training for any hope at Ribble Valley.

    By the way, I've been in choco softie heaven since the Leeds Xmas German market has a dedicated choco softie stall! Just one shop full of those fluffy marshmallow delights - it needs to be seen to be believed people, watch this space...

  7. Congratulations on a great win! I am holed up at the moment so taking the opportunity to read the lore of running

  8. Hi Steve, sorry to hear you're not up and about - I heard you'd had a tweak at that rather bonkers track session. Hope you're recovering well? Enjoy an excellent read!