Sunday, 22 November 2009

Recce'd Legs

A supposedly easy jaunt was planned today to explore the route for December's annual team event, the Calderdale Way Relay. Both M & I are racing leg 6 in our respective team pairs and were joined by club mate Steve B for the recce run. I say easy, it was fairly easy paced today but my legs have pretty much had it with me this week. They weren't very happy with the freezing mud and climbs around the route and were achingly glad to get back to the warmth of our little car for some hot coffee and biscuit dunking. The route was approx 10.5 miles of pretty fast terrain with the odd bit of climb through woodland trails and farmland.
My fatigue and general physical flatness was offset this morning by going to watch the Abbey Dash 10k. It was an awe inspiring sight to see so many runners in such a dizzying flow. As well as lots of club mates and loads of local running acquaintances (including Phil from Horsforth - sorry I missed shouting you on Phil!) I was keeping a special lookout for some work pals, one of whom was attempting her first ever 10k. Wendy had never run until January this year and I think secretly thought I was mad-as-a-box-of-frogs bonkers for being so keen on the sport. She never imagined she could run for 10 minutes never mind 10k and certainly never thought she'd find herself racing. Today she achieved her first 10k in a very respectable time with no stops or walking interludes and I reckon she is now completely hooked. I can't wait to see her at work tomorrow and hear the post race account. There were loads of other great performances and superb PBs today from work colleagues and club mates on this very fast course. Too many to mention except for perhaps a special note on Josie H who has been chasing a 10k time and thoroughly deserved her storming PB today (well done girl!). See full results here.


Henry Heavisides said...

Many thanks for the vocal support today!

Paul said...

Sarah, Thanks to you and M for the support today at the Abbey Dash - it really lifted me!
By the way, I'm on leg 6 of Calderdale so maybe see you then.
Only just realised you are racing VLM too as a first marathon so am following your training plans with much interest. I'm looking at Brass Monkey and then Trimpell 20 as prep races. Looking to build up to 24miles at 7:20 in prep (by January), with long taper (4 weeks). Aiming for 2hr55 on the day but everyone is telling me that is too optimistics!

Mark H said...

Hi Paul.
That's my target at VLM also.
Am also doing BM & Trimpell.
Mark H (Rothwell).
See you at Thirsk RB & M!
Looking forward to it , but it's gonna hurt!

Phil said...

Thats OK, RB. I could see you getting a bit dizzy in the middle of the road there, with runners in all directions. It's good to see you supporting like that though - it inspires me.

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