Wednesday, 25 November 2009

La, la, la, la, I'm Running In The Rain..

I know its becoming a bit boring for everyone now but the rain has featured pretty heavily in my life since I last blogged. A very easy run in the rain on Monday was a first attempt to recover from the weekend. Unfortunately it just didn't seem to be enough down time to help this old body bounce back. Last night was a half-hearted intervals session on the grass in the rain to get the legs turning over. After rep #5 my legs felt mashed and were clearly not over the exploits of the last few days. So, an easy run in the rain during my lunch break included me noisily sploshing my way through endless canal side puddles from Leeds. Its not often I get out in the day and I always feel a bit guilty running in my lunch break, I'm not quite sure why. Anyway, the torture of a cold shower welcomed me back to work to then stare out at the rain falling on the rooftops of Leeds. I'm not sure why my legs feel quite so tired, I think they're a bit depressed by the weather. I intend to listen to the body and ease off for the next few days. More telly and sofa surfing instead. Poor me.


ultra collie said...

no offence (as my ten year old often starts a sentance with these days) but a. we do live in england and b. we do live 'ap norf' what else should we expect apart from a good drenching and dousing?
but dont feel guilty..its the ones who stay in at lunchtime that should feel the shame

jumbly said...

I've been so lucky, I seem to have just managed to pick windows of dryness every time I've been out just lately. I know a big soaking is coming my way of course :0)

kate said...

sofa surfing, is it raining indoors -sorry for the 'dad joke'....

Mark H said...

Hey , RB , it's all character building stuff towards London , this running in shit weather.
At least you got M to train with.
I gotta do it on my own!

Anyway put your feet up and chill out with some good music.
I can recommend "A hard rains a gonna fall" by Roxy Music , or anything by Wet Wet Wet.
C u Sunday.

Hayfella said...

Isympathise. It does get pretty sh*t when it rains EVERY TIME, but think of it this way - you don't wear specs! You should run at lunchtime. People who run at lunchtime (a)tend to be more productive in the afternoon and (b) tend to have less time off sick. Don't feel guilty! Oh, and your employer should provide a hot shower for staff members like you who are boosting their afternoon productivity, staying healthy and being an inspiration to others.

I think I've just fallen off my hobby-horse.

Runningbear said...

Thanks all, socks fully pulled up and whining now stopped (sorry UC). I should know better than to grumble about Yorkshire weather. Enough of the gloating Jumbly and the dad jokes Kate. There must be other ways to entertain ourselves during these dark, damp nights...Will get my tunes on and mentally prepare for a rainy race on Sunday. Thanks for the recommendation MH.

And Hayfella,your rousing talk has freed me from those performance management shackles. I will demand hot showers, (though I might settle for warm in the negotiations). I'll certainly remind the boss of all the inspiring I'm doing. And will no longer take for granted the challenges of eyeglasses.

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