Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jelly Bliss

Another very long day in the office today meant another late start out for the evening run, which also means I've only just sat down to some fuel and blogging. I'm just starting on my pud. Its a bit naughty but tonight I've indulged in jelly & ice cream. Phwoar.
Having given myself permission to relax a bit and respond to how tired I felt after the hard slog of the XC on Saturday I'm kinda quite enjoying these easy runs and feeling pretty chilled about this week's training. The energy is slowly seeping back though I did have some weird spiking on my heart rate tonight; either I had three heart attacks in quick succession or there was a lack of sweatiness to get the chest strap working. Erm, that wasn't meant to sound kinky at all. Back to the jelly and ice cream, mmm, food of the gods. I hear its Paula's favourite.


kate said...

were you wearing your hr monitor during pudding? could have been the excitement of jelly and icecream

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Runningbear said...

Kate: You're right, I shouldn't be allowed near the stuff.

非凡: Thanks v much for the visit and kind comment:]

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