Saturday, 21 November 2009

2 Race or Not 2 Race...

Got up feeling a bit groggy this morning after a massage from Maggie the mauler last night. She's very good and found out those various bits of leg muscle that I didn't know were crying out for a bit of attention. I'm now at my peak volume for this training plan until Xmas and I'd quite fancy a weekend off competition. A tough weekend of racing and long runs last week with two tough sessions Tues and Thurs make we feel less chirpy about the slog around the XC course at Wakefield today. Last year we competed in most of the Complete Runner league races and loved it (with the exception of the mud bath at Nunroyd). Today though these legs are hiding in cosy pajamas, quivering at the thought of that gloomy, foggy dampness that awaits outside. Shall we/shan't we... could it be a nice little wake me up in time for the Thirsk 10m next weekend..?
Bedtime: Well I did it. Legs felt completely dead and lacking any zip which I suppose is to be expected. Thornes Park is a great XC course but tough when running with lots of miles in your legs. It was a great race and I felt just a tad regretful that I wasn't fresher to give the leaders a good race but happy with my run and that's another excellent speed session in the bank. The men's race was truly awesome, Jonny Brownlee & Andrew Pearson were neck and neck throughout. Amazing runners. M ran great, finishing 58th overall which is a sign of his fantastic progress since last year (he was 3 mins quicker on the same course!). Well done M! Results here.


  1. Many thanks to you and M for the shouts of encouragement at Abbey Dash today really helped me round that half-way point. Somebody at club (ilkley)mentioned your blog so I've popped on once or twice to follow your progress. Very impressive run last weekend by the way some noteable scalps. Looks like M is going really well too. Nick M

  2. Sorry UC, the suspense must've been killin' you! : ) Run felt tough and was too pooped to blog. Good to read you've got a plan brewing, makes for exciting reading...

    Thanks Nick, well done for your run today, we're both a bit hoarse after all the familiar faces racing today!